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STARbooks Press Philosophy

As STARbooks Press begins its third decade, we continue to be the home for creative and cutting-edge gay fiction, nonfiction and erotica. Our discovering and shepherding of new talent has made us the leader in providing a creative environment where writers and artists know their work will be appreciated. We go with our gut, rather than depend on the pendulum of industry politics and trends. This unique philosophy has made STARbooks Press the largest independent, gay-only publisher in North America.

STARbooks Press is one of the few publishers left, regardless of genre, who still actively calls for submissions from new writers, encouraging those who have never been published before to try their hand at writing gay erotica.

If you feel you have a manuscript of fiction, nonfiction, or erotica that we should consider for publication, please contact us through our submissions page.

Best Regards,

Eric Summers
Senior Editorial Director

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